Monday, 11 April 2011

Disco Art Summer Raging

On Wednesday the 6th of April Ruru created some surf boards for the disco the theme was Summer Raging. Here is one of the finished project, it is also mine.

        As you can see my picture is a octopus with a chained mace, but at the end of the chain where the mace should be there is sun-->-->-->-->-->-->-->    First we had to draw a draft on a picture on a surf board we had drawn in our pads. When we were finished we had to show the teacher. If he said it was good we got to publish it onto a piece of card. Later we had to outline the surf board and its pictures with sharpies. For the design we had to have something related to summer, but still be fun and different.

If ours were good enough we could publish them onto a big piece of paper, here is one being drawn.

Here is all of our surf boards.
                   By Matei Paveluc