Monday, 14 March 2011

Cinquain poems

In class we have been looking at Cinquain poems. There is two different ways you can write these.

One of the ways is;

Line 1           2 syllables
Line 2           4 syllables
Line 3           6 syllables
Line 4           8 syllables
Line 5           2 syllables

Here is an example this:

             yum  delightful
     Eating laughing chewing
 Delicious chocolate breakfast

And there is also another way:

Line 1           1 Noun
Line 2           2 Describing words
Line 3           3 Doing words
Line 4           4 Feeling words
Line 5           1 Synonym of the first noun

Here is an example of this:

              Red   hot
   Glowing burning pacing
   Nice warm feeling inside

By Billie

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