Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Our Kowhaiwhai Patterns

One of the things we looked at in class this term was Kowhaiwhai Patterns. You would usually see the Kowhaiwhai patterns at a Marae (a maori meeting house) and we thought it wold be a good idea to decorate our classroom with them. The Kowhaiwhai patterns have three colors white,black and red. Each Kowhaiwhai pattern has different patterns which are made up of Koru’s. Some are the hammerhead shark, flounder, Kaka beak, moon and speed

These are the steps on how to make a Kowhaiwhai pattern:
You Will Need :
35-40cm by 16cm piece of card
white,red and black pastels
Indian ink
scrap piece of paper
Step 1: Get a piece of card.
Step 2: Draw your pattern on a scrap piece of paper.
Step 3: Draw your pattern on the piece of card lightly.
Step 4: Use your white pastels to colour in the Koru’s, now use your red pastels to colour in some of the background and then use your black pastels to colour in the rest of the background.
Step 5: Go over the lines in Indian Ink.  

Here are some of our results don't they look awesome!
By Flynn and Ronan

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