Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cricket Workshop Reflection

Today we did some cricket skills.Shane was the instructor.He plays cricket for East Counties.He has had heaps of experience.(I could tell) He was great at cricket skills and cricket itself.Our first skill was how to catch a ball.He told us to clap our hands together, separate them so they look like a book shape and then spread your fingers apart with your pinkys side to side.Next we did some warm ups to do with catching the ball.The warm ups were:
-Throwing the ball up in the air, clap as many time as you could and then catch the ball.
-Throwing it up in the air, clapping behind your back, then in front and then catch the ball.
-Throwing the ball up in the air, touch your nose, touch your toes, clap once and then catch the ball.
After we had those drills we had a competition.The competition was to throw the ball in the air and then catch it behind your back.I found it seriously hard.After that we had to concentrate on bating.Shane said if we were right handers we would have to put our right hand on the bottom of the bat and our left hand on the top.We had to try and hit the wickets by hitting the ball of the tee with the bat.As soon as we had finished that drill we played a game of non-stop cricket.In the game of non-stop cricket, I think I did pretty well.Our team lost, but that`s alright because I thought we did well!The stand out person in the other team was Sonny because of his awesome bating.The next time we play non-stop cricket I think I need to improve on catching the ball properly.

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